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P3NC introduces Opticare to South Africa

P3NC is a joint venture between Urban Farmer and SwiNE Nutrition Management and is a company focused on providing specialised nutritional solutions for piglets ( P3NC’s aims to assist farmers to rear prepared piglets, offering improved lifetime performance and ultimately greater profitability.

The value of teaching piglets to eat and digest solid feed prior to weaning is well understood. P3NC has developed a range of speciality concentrates that contain high quality animal-based ingredients and cooked cereals to fortify the creep and weaner feeds prepared on the farm. These piglet feeds are fed in a programme that is designed to offer a smooth transition from the milk received under the sow to the predominantly plant-based diets fed in the grower barn.

Today, the potential of modern swine genetics has resulted in larger litter sizes with smaller piglets. This has necessitated the introduction of a suitable milk replacer to supplement the sow’s milk. To this end P3NC has partnered with Swinco in the Netherlands to introduce the Opticare range of milk replacers to South Africa.

P3NC concentrates and milk replacers offer piglets a healthy start for the best lifetime performance.