Monthly Archives: October 2021

A new company to service the Kenyan market

Since 2017 Urban Farmer has operated in Kenya through a branch, UFEA Trading.   At the beginning of 2021 the management of Urban Farmer Holdings resolved to open a new private company in Kenya, Urban Farmer Livestock Solutions Limited.   We are proud to announce that the new company was […]

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P3NC introduces Opticare to South Africa

P3NC is a joint venture between Urban Farmer and SwiNE Nutrition Management and is a company focused on providing specialised nutritional solutions for piglets ( P3NC’s aims to assist farmers to rear prepared piglets, offering improved lifetime performance and ultimately greater profitability. The value of teaching piglets to eat and […]

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Urban Farmer incorporates Ugandan subsidiary

Urban Farmer are proud to announce the incorporation of UFU Livestock Solutions Limited in Uganda.   Urban Farmer have a deliberate strategy to increase its presence in Africa. Urban Farmer place great store in identifying and collaborating with the right local partner and Steven Payne was fortunate to meet such […]

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UFNG introduces Urban Farmer’s Macro Solutions to Nigeria

Urban Farmer is committed to enabling its customers to farm better and produce high quality animal protein safely and more affordably.   Urban Farmer’s approach is a combined product and service offering called a Macro Solution. The Macro Solution includes the provision of analytical services, the design and formulation of […]

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