We bring together the products and services of the world’s leading nutrition and health companies.

Macro Solutions

Urban Farmer’s core business is the formulation, manufacture and supply of customized macro premixes for the production of livestock feed. For more information on the features and benefits

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Urban Farmer offers macro solutions for all species:

Other Products

Urban Farmer has expanded its product portfolio to include a comprehensive range of nutrition, health and hygiene products.


Urban Farmer works with many of the world’s leading feed additive suppliers. Its exposure to the latest products and technologies that the global industry has to offer, coupled with its understanding of its clients' specific production environments, allows it to offer its clients the appropriate nutritive and non-nutritive additives for their businesses.

Vaccines and

Urban Farmer engages the services of independent animal health practitioners and works closely with the health officials in the different countries it services. It is able to source medicines and vaccines from a range of suppliers ensuring that it meets the destination country's legislative requirements as well as the clients' expectations for efficacy and price.

Disinfectants and

Urban Farmer recognizes the importance of good biosecurity in livestock production. It is able to guide its clients on industry best practice and supplies a comprehensive range of detergents and disinfectants designed specifically for the livestock production and processing industries.

Livestock and

Urban Farmer works with a number of different equipment and genetics companies in South Africa and abroad. Whether a client is sourcing hatching eggs or replacement gilts, an incubator or a dairy turnstile Urban Farmer is able to draw on its knowledge of the industry stakeholders and present the appropriate solution for consideration.


Urban Farmer provides consultancy and training services related to livestock nutrition, health and management.


source and supply
The cost and complexity of sourcing inputs in Africa is one of the greatest challenges to competitive livestock production. Urban Farmer's export experience and knowledge of the different suppliers means that it can offer its clients a simple and cost-effective source-and-supply service.

Diet design and

feed formulation
Urban Farmer's African experience makes it uniquely qualified to design and formulate feeds that will utilize the available ingredients in a given market and meet the client’s specific nutrient and cost requirements while ensuring optimal animal performance and ultimately overall business profitability.

Feed and

ingredient analysis
Urban Farmer analyses ingredients and final feeds routinely as a part of its macro solution but also as a separate, paid-for service. The results are used to improve its understanding of the available ingredients, enhance the accuracy of its formulations and monitor the quality of the final feeds being produced.

Consulting and

Urban Farmer is focused on assisting its clients to produce livestock competitively in Africa. Its multi-species, cross discipline experience affords it a unique position in the industry and allows it to offer its clients appropriate advice and relevant instruction and training on matters related to animal nutrition and general livestock production.