We pride ourselves on our ability to build long-term partnerships with our clients.




Our Story...

Urban Farmer was founded in 2009 by Steven Payne. Whilst working for a large multi-national company in Africa Steven recognized the opportunity for a new company which could offer its clients access to a wider range of products and services with favourable supply terms. Clients wanted to deal with suppliers who cared, and when they did, their businesses thrived. Initially Urban Farmer focused on assisting feed mills and home-mixers with the production of their own feeds through the formulation and supply of customized macro premixes.

While this remains its core business Urban Farmer has expanded its service offering to include the supply of a comprehensive range of livestock feed, health and hygiene products, as well as the provision of consultancy and training services related to livestock nutrition, health and management. Urban Farmer recognizes the importance of being present in the markets that it services. Today Urban Farmer has restructured its business and is now a company within the Urban Farmer Holdings group of companies. It has partner companies in South Africa, Zambia and Kenya and it is actively working towards expanding its network throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Urban Farmer supplies products but remains focused on providing its clients an unparalleled customer service experience.



To enable competitive livestock production in Africa through the supply of world class products and services.



To facilitate the production of affordable, safe, high quality animal protein in Africa, for Africa.



To offer our clients an unparalleled service experience.

Our Core Competencies

Urban Farmer is uniquely qualified to enable livestock production in Africa.


Urban Farmer is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is focused on doing business in Africa. Urban Farmer trades into 20 African countries and is supported by its Zambian, Kenyan, Nigerian and Ugandan subsidiaries, Isibaya Holdings, UFLS, UFNG and UFU.

Nutrition and Feed Production

Urban Farmer employs a team of experienced nutritionists as well as having access to a host of industry professionals thus enabling it to offer world class solutions across all species and in any production environment.

Livestock Production

Urban Farmer’s clients range from smallholder farmers to large integrations. It offers its clients holistic solutions encompassing nutrition, health, hygiene and general management. The company offers products and services for all types of livestock.


Urban Farmer trades with its clients via sea, road and air. Its experience with the different, and often unique, legislative regulations of the different countries with which it trades allows it to deliver on time and at competitive rates.