Monthly Archives: October 2017

Avian flu in the news

In June 2017, the Department of Agriculture in South Africa announced the suspension of all trade in poultry meat and eggs from Zimbabwe after news of a bird flu outbreak in the east of Harare.   Many other Southern African countries followed suit and have also implemented bans on  poultry […]

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Cleaning and disinfection are an essential part of any biosecurity program. Follow this 10 STEP program to achieve a healthy environment in the poultry house and minimize performance challenges.   STEP 1 – START WITH A PLAN Any good program starts with a plan. Set dates and times and establish […]

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Common causes of chicken stress

A chicken utilises various behavioural and metabolic mechanisms to maintain a homeostatic internal environment and ensure normal physiological function. A deviation from this homeostatic condition is called “stress”. Commercially farmed chickens are subjected to conditions that constantly challenge their ability to maintain this homeostatic state and chicken stress has a […]

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