Urban Farmer News & Developments

Promotion of Michael Payne to General Manager of Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer was established in 2009 by Steven Payne. He was joined two years later by his brother, Michael. Michael’s initial responsibilities were to oversee the finances of the company. Later he would also assume responsibility for its operations in his capacity as its Finance and Operations Director.


Over the last 10 years Michael has developed a good understanding of the industry and the markets that Urban Farmer operates in, as well as an intimate working-knowledge of the company itself and its subsidiaries.


As Urban Farmer enters a new phase of growth, Steven’s focus will move onto the development of new markets and the incorporation of new subsidiaries. This development provides the opportunity for Michael to assume the role of General Manager of Urban Farmer (Pty) Ltd, effective 1 May 2023.


Michael enjoys the support of an experienced management team and a loyal and committed workforce. We wish him every success in his new role.