Products & Services

We bring together the products and services of the world’s leading nutrition and health companies to enable our clients to produce competitively in Africa.

Macro Solutions

Urban Farmer’s core business is the design, manufacture and supply of customized macro premixes for the production of livestock feed. For more information on the features and benefits click here

Urban Farmer offers macro solutions for all species:

Other Products


Urban Farmer work with many of the world’s leading feed additive companies, both nutritive and non-nutritive. We guide our customers on sourcing appropriate additives for their businesses and offer them the service of sourcing and supplying additives on their behalf.

Vaccines and

We work closely with many of the leading pharmaceutical and vaccine companies and are therefore able to supply our clients with a wide range of prophylactic and therapeutic medicines and vaccines.

Disinfectants and

We recognise the importance of good biosecurity in livestock production. We supply a comprehensive range of detergents and disinfectants designed specifically for the livestock production and processing industries.

Livestock and

Our business has brought us into contact with many of the world’s leading genetics and equipments suppliers. We are able to assist customers to understand their options when sourcing new livestock or equipment and we can facilitate sourcing and supplying these items.



source and supply
In addition to macro premixes our knowledge of the industry and its suppliers and our export experience means that we can offer our clients the benefit of cost-effective and hassle-free procurement of individual products or consolidated orders.​

Diet design and

feed formulation
Our African experience makes us uniquely qualified to design and formulate diets that will utilise available raw materials and meet the client’s specific nutrient and cost requirements for the feed while ensuring optimal animal performance.

Feed and

ingredient analysis
We analyse ingredients and feeds for our clients. We employ the results to improve our understanding of the available ingredients in the region. We continuously update our matrices and strive to improve the accuracy of our final feed formulations.

Consulting and

Our broad-based African livestock experience and network of international and local associates makes us uniquely qualified to offer advice and training on all aspects of livestock and feed production in the region.