Urban Farmer was founded in 2009 with the intention of enabling competitive livestock production in Africa. Being Africa, the majority of Urban Farmer’s clients are poultry farmers, or feed mills producing poultry feed. Urban Farmer has, however in more recent times, seen a growing interest in pig farming and pork production in the markets that it services.

Pigs in Africa are plentiful but the animals, and their keepers, have sadly been long-neglected. For years pigs have been considered little more than a solution to managing household waste and the “piggy bank” for their owners in hard times. This reality is changing!

Today pig farming is seen as “good business”, and justifiably so. With the average daily gain in modern pig breeds exceeding one kilogram, the pig genetics companies are rightfully claiming that “their product is growing by a chicken a day”.

Urban Farmer recognizes the potential for pig farming and pork production on the continent and is committed to facilitating its development through the supply of world-class products and services to its clients.